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Stories about RILEY

When Riley was born we were able to spend a few days in hospital with him. We used this opportunity to tell him stories and sing him songs. We took lots of photos and video. We were new parents and we naturally parented him as new parents would have. Riley got to meet some of his relatives and he got cuddled and loved before we all had to say goodbye. Walking out of the hospital was the hardest thing Lee and I have had to do

RILEy's teddy


At the hospital Riley was given a teddy bear from the Teddy Bear Love Club (a brilliant charity which we humbly ask you all to check out). This bear became extremely important to Riley and us.


One evening Riley was brought to us, from where he was kept, for our nightly cuddles and the bear was not in his cot. Needless to say we were slightly panicked. The beautiful Midwife on shift was also panicked and promised to find it. She arrived a little while later with the bear and a wry smile on her face.


She explained that the bear had been in the cot of another little stillborn baby. It was as this point she explained that the little stillborn baby who slept beside Riley, and had pinched his bear, was a beautiful little girl. She then smiled even more and stated that Riley actually had a little girl on either side of him whenever he was away from us. All we could think at that moment was “that’s our boy!”

RILEy's skateboard

Due to Riley’s difficult birth, he was left with marks on his face from the forceps. Unfortunately his skin peeled away down the left side of his face and neck.


We joked that because he was/would have been a ‘knock around kind a boy’ that these were skateboarding or segway injuries. Thus, Riley was cremated with a number of items, one being a small toy skateboard!

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