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Riley was with us in a physical sense for a short time but his memory lives forever. The heartbreak of losing Riley will live with us always and so we have continuously sought ways to honour his memory. Many of our friends have also honoured Riley in their own special ways through words and actions. The ways we have honoured Riley are on this page ...... but we will never stop finding ways to honour our boy!

Riley's Place
Riley's Place
Jacaranda on Riley
Riley's tree
Getting Rileyed!
Peter Travers skydiving

Jacaranda trees bloom in October and November every year in Brisbane. During our hospital stay we could see them flower from our room and from that time they have been significant and symbolic to our family.

Getting Rileyed! is a concept that Kelly and Lee developed very early in their grief journey.


Many friends and families have written poems to Riley, have emotionally connected with particular poems and quotes, and we have ourselves written to and about Riley. 


You can read them here.

Return to Zero is a movie that will bring the taboo subject of stillbirth into the public eye. We have made a small investment into the film to support its content. Riley’s name features in the credits at the end of the movie along with other children who have been lost through stillbirth.


The film was created by Sean Hanish (Writer/Director/Producer) to retell his and his wife’s story. We hope that you will support the film when it comes out in early 2014.

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