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Riley taught us a lot! He really was a selfless little soul. The definition of “Getting RILEYED” means to become a better person through:

  • Not sweating the small stuff

  • Loving unconditionally

  • Hugging your kids that little bit tighter

  • Keeping a wry smile and a keen sense of humour

  • Valuing family

  • Being patient with the world

  • Enjoying and loving life

  • Seizing the moment

  • Giving to others

So spend time listening to each other and really hearing each other. Spend time playing with each other, as adults are at their best when they play like children. Play with your children as I’m sure that’s what Riley would have wanted us to do.


Please share stories with of us of how you have Got RILEYED! at our Facebook page.

Red Riley-ed!
Photo 12-10-17, 8 31 15 pm
Photo 2-11-15, 5 40 20 am
Photo 12-10-17, 8 32 24 pm
Photo 1-10-17, 12 45 37 pm
Photo 14-10-17, 8 19 14 am
Photo 16-11-13, 6 02 08 pm
Photo 16-11-13, 9 52 48 am
Photo 23-10-14, 4 43 05 pm
Photo 19-10-14, 3 41 29 pm

Pete Travers an old friend of Kelly and Lee's took the challenge to 'Get Rileyed' by jumping out of a plane. He wore his Running for Riley shirt to complete the experience.


Kate is a creative and caring soul. She organised a Darwin run complete with t shirts and raised over $900 for Running for Riley in 2013. She also often sends photos to prove she is remembering Riley and 'getting Rileyed.'

Photo 12-10-17, 8 32 24 pm.jpg
Photo 31-10-14, 3 25 03 am.jpg
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