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For the first three years after Riley's death, Running for Riley was our community fundraising group and we did all our fundraising through running events. In 2016 the high tea was added and Remembering Riley was born. It became a more formalised group for our family and friends.

The logo was created the first year of Running for Riley and was adapted an updated in 2016 to include the words Remembering Riley. This gave our group a broader scope. Each part of the logo represents something important to Riley and our family.


Riley the Wise Owl

Before Riley was born his nursery was set up. Owls were a feature of the wall decals and linen. After Riley was born we realised how poignant this was. We see Riley as the wise owl as he could not stay, but he has taught us, our extended family and our friends so much.

Butterflies signifies pregnancy los

Butterflies signify

The butterfly in the logo signifies pregnancy loss. It also is a symbol of new beginnings. When a baby is born who has not survived, often a butterfly is put on their cot or the door of the hospital room. It allows people who pass by what is happening in that room and the care and respect necessary for the parents. Often Parents of babies gone too soon will release butterflies on birthdays, anniversaries or significant days for the child they have lost.

Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda trees

When Kelly and Lee were in the Mater hospital with Riley, they looked out the hospital window. There was a huge blooming Jacaranda tree. It was here that Lee and Kelly hatched a plan to plant a Jacaranda tree in the backyard of the house that they would buy. This dream became a reality in 2014, weeks before Finn, Riley's brother was born. Riley's ashes were placed under the tree in an interment ceremony in November of the same year.

Remembering Riley Logo
Riley the Wise Owl
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