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Riley's First Birthday

Lee and Kelly enjoyed a couple of days away to celebrate Riley's first birthday. They enjoyed quiet time spent quiet time thinking about him, enjoyed sunsets and played with some cheeky pelicans. They had an extended family celebration or 'first birthday' complete with an owl cake.

Riley's Second Birthday and Internment

Riley's second birthday was enjoyed in Lee and Kelly's new house and with the welcomed addition of his little brother, Finn. We had a huge celebration with family and friends and interred his ashes at the base of the jacaranda tree.

Riley's Third Birthday

His third birthday was enjoyed with play and cake in 'Riley's place', under the jacaranda tree. Finn particularly enjoyed the cake. Kelly was pregnant with their third child.

Riley's Fourth Birthday

Riley's fourth birthday was once again celebrated under the jacaranda tree with his two siblings. Cake was lovingly created with the family and a small family celebration was had. The return from the UK from Riley's Auntie and Uncle (Morgan and Allen) ensured he was lovingly remembered in this celebration. Beautiful gifts from his Auntie Brooke and family are always treasured.

Riley's Fifth Birthday

WE had a wonderful day celebrating Riley's fifth birthday. Balloons, cake and butterflies all under the Jacaranda tree. Finn, Harper, Lee and Kelly released 5 butterflies for Riley. Then we had lunch by the water enjoying the sunshine.

Riley's Sixth Birthday

This year we chose to celebrate Riley's birthday by baking together as a family, having morning tea in Riley's Place and then heading to the beach. Lot's of smiles and remembering. Lee and I got some quiet moments to take time to reflect. It was a special family time!

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