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On 2nd November 2012, our son Riley Elliott Maskiell was born 'asleep…….'. He was stillborn.


Hi, we are Riley's parents - Lee and Kelly Maskiell. Since November 2012 our family journey of grief, support, sharing and acknowledgement has been one we have shared openly and continue to do so.


Over the past 6 years, we have created several teams of runners who have 'Run For Riley' and raised much needed funds and awareness around stillbirth. In 2016 we went one step further. We branched out from Running For Riley and created the community fundraising group - Remembering Riley.

Remembering Riley has 3 main aims:

1. To raise money for research to change the stillbirth statistics

2. To raise money to support couples as they navigate this devastating loss

3. To raise awareness and make stillbirth less taboo

The intent of this website is to:

  • share our story,

  • share our love for our precious first born child, and

  • raise awareness of the often taboo subject of stillbirth.

Through this sharing we are now actively involved with several charity and scientific organisations that work tirelessly to advocate, research, and raise funds for awareness of stillbirth, break through science and counselling for others who have similar stories and grieving as we do.

We acknowledge this sharing publicly may raise concerns for you and encourage you to seek support from one of the organisations listed here.



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The 4th annual Remembering Riley High Tea is raising money for the Stillbirth Centre of Reasearch Excellence through the Mater Foundation.

Our annual running event has been reinvigorated to be an all inclusive family day out with the inaugural Family Forest Run. We hope you will join us.

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